In short, in a world of inevitable and increasing amounts of turnover, it’s important to leverage technology as organizational “connective tissue” that fosters cross-team collaboration and a sustained focus on common goals.  

Sometimes leaders talk through the bullhorn at the top of the hill about building a culture.  It’s often a rinse and repeat message that continues over time.  Then that leader, for a variety of possible reasons, has left the building.  They’re gone.  Off to their next endeavor. 

Months later, a new leader fills the vacancy.  They bring in “their people” and spend some months developing their own unique stamp on strategy, tactics and maybe – just maybe – more perspectives on a culture they want to bring to the company. 

Suddenly the culture talk of yesterday feels like wasted energy and time.  And we all know, time is money.  It doesn’t have to be like this. People and processes play an instrumental role in culture building.  At LiftCentro, we think if built right – with the simplicity, flexibility to fuel collaboration and knowledge sharing, data-informed cultures can be fueled with the help of technology. 

We’re building Datatinga™ to help brands get their quant and qual learnings in front of more of the workforce so that more action can be taken on data, leading to more of a return on the research. 

But we’re just as excited about the culture-building effects that come with it.  Technology can be the connective tissue that is essential to bridging silos, fostering cross-team collaboration around common goals, and yes – building cultures that can survive the inevitable organizational disruption.  In a world of remote and hybrid policies, this connective tissue is more important than ever.