In short, after 5 years of settling on Google Optimize as its next “experiment” with an A/B testing platform, it appears Google is shedding its Google Optimize product from its wide array of offerings.  For those Google Optimize users, what’s next?  As a CRO agency with deep experience with testing and  various A/B testing platforms, LiftCentro can help you decide how to move forward and what tools to consider using next.


Companies that have wanted to dabble into experimentation without the burden of any economic investment have been using Google Optimize for months, or even years.  Larger brands that have deeper pockets and are more committed to the breadth of features that the Google Marketing Platform offers, have invested in Google Optimize 360.  As Google is planning to sunset these products in September 2023, we are offering support to transition you to a better way forward with your test & learn initiative. 

Our team members got into the A/B testing world in its early days of being applied to the Internet and over these years, we’ve seen Google take several twists and turns in this space.  First it was Google Website Optimizer or “GWO”. Then it was a feature called “Content Experiments”. Then Google Optimize. And now 5 years later, we’re hearing of another re-think.  While they think, we think a better way forward is to move into better testing platforms that are either free or relatively inexpensive.

A lot more power for not much more cost

LiftCentro partners with different tech vendors in the A/B and multivariate testing space and we see many of these platforms being great value for the costs.  Each platform brings a different set of features and functions to the market.  There is some overlap in capabilities, but each platform has some unique features that set them apart from others. 

We’d be happy to do a free consulting call to give you some guidance based on your specific business and organizational setup.  Some of these platforms have a price tag that is more than free, but are still very affordable.

Take the freeway to the highway

If you would like support with testing and choose LiftCentro to augment your internal testing work, we can provide free access to our own agency plan with one of our partner companies.  Monthly tested traffic limits do apply, but these thresholds should still allow for a great test & learn regimen.

So what kind of services do we provide?  We augment brand-side testing initiatives to help speed up testing velocity and we also tap our extensive brand-side experience running large-scale testing programs, to coach on how to set up processes that foster successful test & learn cultures.

As you consider more longer-term options, our free testing tool engagements provide an easy segue from Google Optimize into your next test & learn platform chapter.


For more information around figuring out “What’s Next?” after Google Optimize, contact us for a free consultation.