10 ways to cement an experimentation culture across a company

embedding an experimentation culture

In short: If you’re looking to establish a culture of experimentation – a prevailing “we can always improve” mindset – that both fuels cross-team collaboration and continuously improves the bottom line, it’s important to think well beyond the centralized experimentation team.  Building a strong core group that facilitates experiments – often called a Lab or […]

How to get the most juice out of your data

  In short: Data on its own has limited value. It’s what an organization does with the data that gives it significant value. Data is the raw material in a manufacturing process that outputs value. To fully realize data’s full potential, it’s important to understand this end-to-end process. Action is, in a nutshell, what allows […]

Experimentation is a foundational building block to building a data-driven culture

creative thinking and data

  In short: Data cultures can be realized with some combination of data and people. But through the process of creative ideation, the capability of experimentation can serve as an important building block to proliferating data cultures. At LiftCentro, we help brands scale out cultures that regularly turn to data to inform decision making.  Because it’s […]

Organizational optimization by way of experimentation

Organizational Optimization

In Short:  Starting with a strong foundation of CRO, or digital optimization, is a foundational building block to OO (organizational optimization).  Experimentation caters to heightened awareness of goal focus and alignment and the development of  a “we can do better” mindset.  These are key ingredients to helping organizations reach new levels of success. When one […]

What they see is what you measure. Or is it?

What they see is what you measure. Or is it?

In Short:  Online testing tools typically analyze test data against all traffic that has been exposed to a test experience whether test entrants actually see the tested area or not.  It’s sometimes good to additionally analyze the data against only those that see (scroll to) the tested component within the experience.  We take a deep […]

Getting pop ups right is a balancing act

In Short:  Pop ups are increasingly “popping up” – for Marketers, they often provide the conversion juice they are seeking. But there is a flip slide to it – and one that does not get measured as well – visitor angst.  Here we take a deep dive into both sides of the pop up equation. […]